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1. : to have a long lasting, powerful effect.

2 : to have qualities that evoke memories and appeal to a person's emotional side.

3 : to hold a particular significance or special meaning to someone.

Veronica & Hardy Wedding-18.jpg

It's 30 years in the future.

You're sitting on the front porch in matching rocking chairs holding hands with the love of your life. Under your hands rests the wedding photo album you've been reminiscing through. The sound of your grandchildren making memories on the tire swing wafts through the air. The gray haired man next to you looks at you with a single tear dripping down his cheek and says "We made it, babe."

These are the photos of what happened to get to this moment.

Brittany Headshot-1.jpg

Hi, I'm Brittany!

I'm an overly excited, Wedding obsessed photographer who uses too many exclamation points and can talk your ear off about gear. I'm both a techie and an old soul.

I'm just as excited about your wedding as you are, and can't wait to help you every step of the way!

Chris and Jerome Wedding Sneak Peek funny-1.jpg


molly and steven thumbnail.png

Your Words

"Brittany went above and beyond, literally, to capture my big day! She had ran her car into a ditch on the way to my wedding and still managed to get there in time! She gave me moments, like ones of my Grandma that are absolutely priceless. Those moments I’ll cherish forever and can’t be more grateful that she thought to include them. If you need videography done for any special event, this is your girl! She exceeded my expectations!!"

~ Molly Tucker - 2022 Bride

Carissa + Robbie 09.28.19-77.jpg

Why I Do What I Do

"Mama, I'm getting married today."

Carissa's dad passed away 15 years ago. Carissa's mom has early onset dementia. Her memory care home staff drove her 30 minutes to the church and stayed with her so that she could be a part of her daughter's big day. I don't think she ever understood that her daughter was getting married that day. Carissa softly repeated to her what was happening, but she was overstimulated by her surroundings. Carissa played 1960s music on her phone, which calmed her mom, who sang along. She could remember the music. Carissa had to make the hard decision to walk down the aisle with her uncle, as she knew the walk to the sanctuary and all of the people would be too much for her mom who kept saying she wanted to go home.

"[Brittany] captures life in real time and has an eye for emotional moments as well as beauty."

MP Bride Carissa Murray

The above photo was a recipient of a 2020 LOOKSLIKEFILM Artist of the Year award.


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