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With 13+ years of experience creating award winning short films, assisting in all stages of feature film production, editing for TV, and editing theatrical trailers, I give every wedding film the Red Carpet treatment.

Brittany Herd holds a certificate for First Place in the 2012 Full Moon Film Festival.

With a Videographer dad and a Photographer mom, I got my start behind and in front of the camera at an early age. My family began making feature films in 1999, I began making short films of my own around 2009, and won my first film festival in 2010. I filmed and edited many different projects over the years from documentaries and historical dramas to music videos and broadcast television. I've walked the red carpet, and had my editing shown on TV and in theaters. Filmmaking is in my blood. It's always come second nature and it wasn't until 2021 that I realized I could be using these skills to provide couples with wedding films that stand out among the rest.


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